This website is managed by Florence Egbeyale, the facilitator of Diamond Heart Initiative. The platform is devoted to discourses centered on diverse experiences of various categories of African women who are priceless diamonds to our world. 

As a young African woman, a scholar, a wife and a mother, Florence acknowledges the reality of various difficult situations and circumstances of many African women, but nonetheless believes the possibilities of subduing challenges for transformative experiences in spite of constraints. Besides, being an orphan who has had a large share of unpleasant life's ordeal, Florence aims to provide and promote valuable insights and lessons drawn from personal reflections  and quotes to encourage and promote the cause and wellbeing of African women.

Furthermore, an important dimension to this platform currently ongoing is the outreaches and one-on-one interaction and support for indigent young single African mothers.


Listen, Diamonds!

Stating that life is indeed beautiful is not a cliché.

Yet, acknowledging that life’s journey is fraught with bumpy paths is not a far- fetched truth.

To be fair to yourself is to embrace the stark reality of the tapestry of life.

Which you may find sometimes pleasurable to savor and sometimes so cruel to endure.

Yet, through these conflations of these hilly and rough paths, the highs and the lows,

You'd blossom and dazzle as diamonds formed under pressure.

Let this imagination holds an enduring lessons for your navigation through life's challenges.

Like the beautiful diamonds, glowwww!

Yours is a unique and beautiful path!

Be inspired!


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