This website is managed by Florence Egbeyale, the Diamond Heart Initiative facilitator, a non-profit in Ibadan, Nigeria. The organization is registered as SunFlor Foundation for Women Support under the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (RN: 7629688).

The aims and objectives of the nonprofit organization promoted through this platform are as follows:


Listen, Diamonds!

Stating that life is indeed beautiful is not a cliché.

Yet, acknowledging that life’s journey is fraught with bumpy paths is not a far- fetched truth.

To be fair to yourself is to embrace the stark reality of the tapestry of life.

Which you may find sometimes pleasurable to savor and sometimes so cruel to endure.

Yet, through these conflations of these hilly and rough paths, the highs and the lows,

You'd blossom and dazzle as diamonds formed under pressure.

Let this imagination holds an enduring lessons for your navigation through life's challenges.

Like the beautiful diamonds, glowwww!

Yours is a unique and beautiful path!

Be inspired!

Facilitator, DHI


Contact diamondheartinitiative1@gmail.com to get more information about this platform and projects